About Us

We believe in personal excellence.

CodePath is an organization that provides free, accelerated mobile engineering classes for professional developers.

Students must pass a rigorous selection process to be admitted to any of our programs. During the program, engineers submit weekly projects for review and work with other top engineers. The program concludes with a demo day where the top group projects are judged by a panel of notable mobile and engineering leaders.

Guiding Principles

Our company was formed around these three principles:

  • We believe in sharing what you learn.
  • We want to create the best education programs on the planet and offer them for free.
  • We're building a talented community. We hope it sparks a movement.

Why We're Doing This

As software engineers, we are constantly playing catch up with the rapidly changing field of software development. Have you ever wanted to play with a new technology and wished that you had other engineers to play around with? Had mentors to save you countless hours and guide your learning? Or had high-quality curriculum and projects to make learning more fun?

Yeah, we did too. This is in large part why we created CodePath. We are both engineers and entrepreneurs who wanted a better way to learn exciting new languages and platforms. We learned mobile on our own (by ourselves) using books and blog posts and we want to take the time to make it easier for everyone else. When we started learning Android and iOS, we were frustrated with the outdated, vague and inaccurate guides we saw littered around the internet.

Right now, we are building curriculum, running in-person bootcamps and running meetup events to change the way people learn Android and iOS development (and hack with other engineers). If you have any feedback or comments (or just want to chat with us), please reach out to contact@codepath.com.

How CodePath is Free

CodePath is funded exclusively through paid training seats reserved by top technology companies and by offering in house corporate training to select companies.

We are trusted by some of the top technology companies in the world to quickly train their top full stack developers in mobile development.

Who We Are

We are developing a community of engineers passionate about learning, building and teaching.

  • Nathan Esquenazi


    Nathan has been working at early-stage startups for the last 10 years developing across many platforms and is an active contributor on open-source for Ruby and Android.

  • Tim Lee


    Tim founded a Google Ventures startup called Miso. Since then, he has been helping others learn web and mobile and thinking of better ways to learn and teach online.

  • Michael Ellison

    Chief Operating Officer

    Michael previously founded an educational nonprofit, enterprise software company, edtech startup, and is now leading business development at CodePath.

Our Partners

We work closely with a number of organizations providing mentorship and training on mobile technologies.