About the Bootcamp

This is a free 8-week evening bootcamp in San Francisco created especially for designers. In the first 3 weeks you will learn how to build fully interactive prototypes in XCode. In the latter part of the course you will also explore developing your own apps in teams. After the course, designers will be able to:

  • Create interactive prototypes using native apps leveraging all the built-in animations and gestures.
  • Fine-tune visuals and animation code in both prototypes and production apps
  • Have a better understanding of what it takes to implement features in iOS and be able to communicate better with engineering teams.
  • Code their concepts into real apps

At the end of the program, you'll join our CodePath alumni network which gives you access to exclusive opportunities as well as hundreds of other engineers and designers to collaborate with on projects.

Price: No charge
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Free to Join

Students are not charged anything. We focus on helping students get placed in roles they love.

Small Cohorts

Each bootcamp group has just 15 students enrolled to ensure proper mentorship and attention.

Convenient Schedule

The 8-week bootcamp has in-person evening sessions twice a week paired with online learning.

Prime Location

Bootcamp sessions are held at the Zynga office in the SOMA district of San Francisco.

Hands-on Projects

Every week a small but functional app is developed to strengthen and solidify mobile concepts.

Peer Collaboration

Every participant will collaborate with others to design and develop a custom product.

Hands-on Projects

The bootcamp curriculum is entirely centered around building interesting projects that reinforce every concept introduced. Each week after the instruction session, students can work independently or with their peers developing a basic app to spec. The only way to learn development skills is to build and during this bootcamp, you will get experience building a diverse set of apps.

The Teachers

Ben Sandofsky

BS Double Major: Computer Science + Humanities, Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

I've worked as a professional engineer for over ten years. I was at Twitter over four years, where I was Tech Lead on Twitter for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Before that, I was lead on mobile.twitter.com, one of the company's largest Ruby systems. When the company shifted to mobile, I ran bootcamps for the hundreds of existing web engineers. Prior to Twitter, I've worked everywhere from tiny, three person startups, to large enterprise companies with thousands of employees.

Timothy Lee

BS Computer Engineering and MS Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas and Stanford.

I've been programming web and mobile apps for the last three years. Founded a Google Ventures startup called Miso. Prior to that, I worked in the robotics industry for four years. That was fun, but I saw the massive shift to web and mobile, and I realized that it was essential I learned these technologies. Since then, I've been helping others learn web and mobile and thinking of better ways to learn and teach online.

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